May 30, 2016
With the unusually high temperatures and drought conditions that we are experiencing this summer, it is imperative that the approach to our horses’ increased water and electrolyte needs is appropriate. Heat stress can dramatically affect the horse’s health and performance if not managed correctly. During exercise, there is a significant increase in the amount of...
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We are often asked by horse owners why it is necessary for a veterinarian to administer vaccinations to their horses and why it can’t be done by the trainer or yard manager instead, thus saving themselves a call-out and vaccination fee, for annual vaccinations. Vaccination is essential in protecting horses from infectious and contagious diseases...
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Your horse has had a hard work-out, show or tournament, or has an undiagnosed swelling and mild lameness. You feel bad and decide to treat it with an anti-inflammatory for a few days and see how it goes – isn’t that what everyone does? Dr Adrienne Viljoen, European board certified Equine Internal Medicine Specialist, discusses...
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The foundation of your horse’s soundness starts at the foundation of its limbs… the hooves! As any horse owner can attest to, an unsound horse can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with. The importance of having a professional team of vets and farriers working together to resolve lameness issues is often...
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