Fairytales do exist!

Fairytales do exist: A real Cinderella story

Tabelle – a Warmblood mare – and her 2 day old filly Kanntabelle were presented to the clinic as Tabelle had retained foetal membranes and as a consequence to this had developed severe laminitis.

Sadly Kanntabelle became an orphan when she was only 4 days old.

The little filly also had severely lax tendons in all four legs and required heel extensions to correct this. Even though Kanntabelle’s “new slippers” greatly assisted her, she preferred to lose them for a Prince to find!

A fairy Godmother was kind enough to provide Kanntabelle with a foster mom named Anabelle. Her new Mommy took a few days to accept her but once she did it was true love.

Even though the little Princess never found her Prince, Kanntabelle was able to canter off into the sunset with Anabelle to their own happily ever after.